Our Profile

Over the last 30 years, Vantage Housing Developers Pvt. Ltd. has firmly carved a niche for itself as one of the leading and successful builders in Chennai, stamping its mark in the key markets of the future in the city. ,

Inspired by the CEO Mr. P. Shanmugham and supported by his son Mr. Gautham and a dedicated team, Vantage has completed over 45 residential projects and 2 commercial projects covering over 68,000 sq. ft. Currently, Vantage has 3 ongoing projects spanning 15,000 sq. ft. and 1 upcoming projects undergoing development that include Independent Villas/Houses and Luxury Apartments.

The company has over a period of time diversified, offering a portfolio covering property management, residential complexes, commercial buildings and the Interiors segments. Vantage has always strived for unparalleled quality, customer satisfaction, uncompromising business ethics and transparency in its business operations.

Headquartered in Chennai, Vantage primarily focuses on residential and contractual projects. The company specializes in independent villas, bungalows, luxury apartments, and plot development with emphasis on rainwater harvesting and high safety standards.

The unique contemporary style, the passion for client satisfaction, and penchant for consistent quality standards have helped the company create a niche for itself in the residential and commercial property market in Chennai.

Vantage has a team of qualified professionals who offer a single-source solution for all of your construction-related needs. Whether its site preparation, a new construction or a renovation, our experienced personnel provide the highest quality construction within schedule and budget. We offer services ranging from project conceptualization to the commissioning of a fully operational building anywhere in Chennai.

Our commitment to quality has made us stand the test of time and made us what we are today. Each of our projects is a standing evidence of our commitment to quality, ethics and our honest attempt to give you more than just a home.

A key player in Chennai real estate, Vantage Builders has been the force to reckon behind the changing skyline of South and North Chennai. Vantage is all set to launch a plethora of real estate projects with a focus on delivering quality homes in a timely manner with utmost perfection.

We are proud to say that we get a lot of new business due to the recommendations from our happy customers.

30 year legacy of trust and quality

With over three decades of operations in Chennai, the Vantage Housing Developers have been part of the architectural history of the city. The company has constructed and engineered more than 45 diversified projects in and around Chennai. With utmost satisfied customer base, Vantage is known to integrate conventional and futuristic with the traditional in their designs.

As Mr. Shanmugham says, “Trust is the foundation of our every project and we ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied at the completion of the project. Our professional excellence lies in our skilled workmanship and strict adherence to delivering projects on time.”

Why you should choose us

The vision of the group in the years to come is, to reach greater heights of success and perfection. We have to strive hard to exceed the expectations of the customers, thereby upholding the credentials of the company in every field that we venture into.
To use the latest technologies and superior quality products and services to execute projects. We work towards improving customer satisfaction by continuously innovating and focusing on their requirements.
Vantage is synonymous with quality, transparency of processes and an exceptional customer service. At Vantage, you are more than just a customer, you become a part of our Vantage family.

The Management

Mr. Shanmugam is the Founder and Managing Director of the Vantage Housing Developers Pvt. Ltd. An entrepreneur with a vision in quality constructions and real estate development. He has more than 30 years of work experience in the constructions industry, having built Vantage, a company that has an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation.
• Honesty & Integrity – We build trust with our customers and employees by consistently delivering projects as per standards and give our employees the freedom to perform exceptionally.
• Client-Focus – We provide high-quality construction, extraordinary service, and a competitive price. We constantly challenge ourselves to offer the best.
• Accountability – We take responsibility and ownership for our projects, delivering excellent services and products.
• Quality – Ever since its inception, the Vantage group has stood for nothing less than the highest quality standards.
• Transparency – We communicate clearly. All our transactions are based on transparency, whether they involve landowners, investors, vendors or customers.
• Trust – Trust has always been our core value and principle belief.
• Innovative Planning – We foster creativity in our designs that enable us to remain at the forefront of our industry, by creating new, unique and modern projects at a rapid pace.


Carpet area – This is the total area of the apartment excluding the thickness of the walls. It is basically the area that the carpet would cover.
Built-up area – This includes the carpet area plus the area taken up by the walls and balcony. The thickness of the walls is also included.
Super built-up area – This includes the built-up area plus the common area such as community halls, lobby, elevator, stairs etc.
FSI means Floor Space Index. It is the ratio between the total plot areas to the total built-up area.
A Sale Deed is a document prepared for the transfer of property from the seller to buyer, giving the buyer the absolute and undisputed ownership of property.
The design of the proposed building in the form of a drawing has to be submitted for approval by the appropriate authorities. Once the sanction is obtained, it is called the approved building plan.
In Chennai, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority CMDA is the authority for sanctioning the building plans. In addition, the various panchayat union and municipal unions can accord sanction on behalf of the CMDA, if the property located within their jurisdiction.
It is the purchaser who has to bear all expenses with respect to registration. However, if the seller and purchaser mutually agree otherwise, the seller has to bear the expenses.
Generally, it is in the name of the purchaser because he bears the registration expenses.
  • Approved building plan along with the number of floors clearly mentioned
  • Check the approval status of the floor on which you are buying the apartment
  • Check if there is a proper conveyance of land title in favor of the builder
  • Check for approvals, license and development rights
  • Check the agreement to ensure execution of proper Sale Agreement
  • Check if the project is approved by reputed financial companies. This will help you in getting home loan easily
  • Ensure all NOC have been obtained
  • Ask for completion and occupation certificate
For re-sale property, check demand notice related to renovation, tax dues and latest receipts of payments made towards various out-goings such as water, electricity and ground rent.