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What is a joint venture?
In a Joint Venture, the landowner and the builder enter into an agreement to develop the land, based on a sanctioned plan. The plan is based on the mutual requirements of the concerned parties and prepared according to the rules laid down by the Government

Based on the agreement, the builder constructs the building as per the plan and gives the landowner his share as specified. The compensation offered to the landowner depends on:
Prevailing cost of the land
The Construction cost
Expenses required to demolish the old house and complete the new project

Vantage, Your Joint Venture Partner

Let’s face it. We know you can partner with any other builder. So what makes Vantage your best choice?

First, we don’t just design buildings. We work closely with you to create beautiful building keeping your choices and convenience in mind. We offer you complete, cost-effective structures for commercial, or residential use. Our buildings are beautifully designed to meet your requirements while saving you time and money. Next, we promise to provide you with a state-of-the-art building designed and built by highly qualified, and experienced personnel.

If you are a Property Owner and interested in promoting your property by way of Joint Venture or Outright Purchase, Vantage offers the best deal for you.

The company also holds a substantial portfolio of properties where we have joined hands with the landowners. Providing a rare combination of superior construction, exclusive amenities, quality material specifications and unique architectural designs – all of this adhering to the timelines promised.

When you partner with Vantage, you get:
The best offer
Strict adherence to the plan
Adherence to timelines
Quality construction
Flexible, unique and stylish designs
Efficient use of space
Requisite sanction for demolition and construction
Compliance with processes right till handing over possession

The Vantage team will work closely with you keeping you in the loop with respect to any changes or sanctions that are required.

That’s just the beginning. Ready to talk with a consultant who understands your needs? Give us a call for more information or request an online quote.

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